About us

After serving in the Canadian Armed Forces during World War 11, Frank Bricker, former boxer, returned to his hometown, Brantford, Ontario where in September of 1946, he registered  the Ontario Amateur Boxing Association also called the OBA.

The OBA produced such greats as George Chuvalo,  Summerhay’s brothers, Nicky Furlano, Eddie Melo,  editor of The News Boys Magazine and ex-officiado and on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame, Tony Unitas and the list goes on.
OBA ran boxing events & like the professionals, did not wear head gear or singlets & records were common to that day in that they weren’t well maintained.

In 1972 three fellows from England Denis Bradley, Bill Cridland and Dave Sparks opened Boxing Ontario & in 1976 they went to the Min. of Sports for financial assistance, recognition & emphasized a safety plan using head gear, singlets (aka tank tops) & keeping records on each boxer.

The Min. of Sports asked that both associations amalgamate. This happened but many were not wanting the changes & soon Frank Bricker & his boxing friends quit the association & the sport.

Boxing Ontario was investigated in less than 7 years later, when complaints of endangering boxers through illegal matches were raised by Ken Hamilton. Boxing Ontario was found negligent & little restrictions were placed on them through the Ministry of Sports.

Members of Boxing Ontario that spoke against Boxing Ontario suffered by having their boxers receive wrongful losing decisions & not receiving notice of upcoming events. The clubs were ostracized by other clubs because any friend of a targeted clubs, also became a  target.

In early 1990’s the Ministry began a review into Boxing Ontario because of safety complaints & more interaction from the Ministry occurred but for a limited time frame.

The Executive became a unified front of like-persons. They had a voting structure that left them secured in their positions & also new by-laws. By-laws were breached & excused by the Executives because they condoned or breached them. The decent coaches became silenced for fear of retribution & membership loss.

I believe strongly that the association was a dictatorship & anyone defying it was ostracized & could have their membership removed. This occurred.

Again, in 2003 an investigation was started & concluded in 2006.  The complaints were:  endangering athletes, bias & prejudicial treatment, illegal elections & only one of the illegal match making was  not confirmed because the files were missing in the Boxing Ontario office. There were election irregularities & misappropriation of money.  The Executive’s boxers & clubs were selected for international competition & those deserving the travel & experience were ignored in favor of the less qualified.

Justification to revive the OBA & to offer an opportunity to the athletes to participate in a sport of their choice without disrespect & prejudice treatment was warranted.

The revival of the name OBA was chosen & neither coaches nor clubs have any fear of voicing their opinion.   Our firm belief is respect, honor,  dignity & equality to all. It is very possible that Boxing Ontario has altered their actions from the previous years.


The OBA has $5,000,000.00 insurance with their agent. The liability insurance covers the

personnel & activities but not the clubs or members personal belongings.

The coverage is personal only & includes gym sites & boxing event sites.

A  copy of the insurance policy is available upon request.

Legally Registered

The OBA (Ontario Boxing Association/Ontario Amateur Boxing Association) is registered as a not-for-profit organization & does file corporation returns yearly.

The corporation aka association has by-laws & constant updating of their rules & policies occur.

We are acknowledged by the Ministry of Health & Promotion & by the Athletic Commissioner, Mr. Ken Hayashi, from the Ministry of Government Services.   Mr. Hayashi worked with many of the OBA members during the investigation into Boxing Ontario.

We have a few doctor’s on our Board and they are advised of any and all injuries.

We have a lawyer on our Executive that monitors all our proceedings.

We deal with other provinces & countries under the International Governing Body WBC (World Boxing Council – head office Mexico) amateur division. Canada was the first country to join the WBC’s amateur division.  The OBA exclusively holds the registration of Golden Gloves.

The goal of the OBA is to become the only association in Ontario & we believe through honesty, fair treatment & safe operations, we will succeed.

A message from our Association.